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When people ask me what "my story" is, I find it difficult to put into words the reason why photography means so much to me. I could tell you that it's the only job I have ever had that doesn't feel like a "job". I could try to explain the rush that comes when the light is perfect and my client is truly enjoying being in front of the camera. And I could tell you how being my own boss is the best ever. 

But what it really boils down to is this: 

I want to empower women. All women. Any age. Women from any background. Women of all shapes and sizes. I want to show women how beautiful, strong, and capable they truly are by giving them images that showcase all of those things. 

I have been there. I have been the girl staring in the mirror, wondering if I was ever going to feel beautiful. I spent so much time looking at other women just waiting for the day when I felt like I was as beautiful and put together as they were. And now, I am a woman who recognizes my strengths and my beauty. I see how unique I am, how capable I am, and photography is one of the main reasons I can see...no, believe all of those things about myself. 

Photography is so much more than just pretty pictures. I am inviting you to allow me to be part of your journey and explore the true beauty you have to offer the world. 

So, let's get together and talk about what your dream photo shoot looks like. Coffee is on me.